arthur+martha is an experimental arts organisation based in the UK. We help marginalised people to find their creative voice, using a mix of art and poetry. We’ve worked with older hospital patients, holocaust survivors, excluded schoolchildren, children who have special needs…
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Making art can change the way a person feels about themselves, their environment and their difficulties. It also allows the maker to reach out to others, to be understood.

Being heard is a basic human necessity that can get lost in a hospital ward, a noisy school, or a busy world. We bring attention to the visions and words of people who are often lost in corners. By embracing experimental techniques, we allow people with severe physical or mental health problems - like dementia, or a stroke - to make their mark, however wavering or elusive. No other arts and health organisation in the UK is as deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of text/art to include outsider voices.

Artworks/poems facilitated by arthur+martha Directors Lois Blackburn and Philip Davenport have been exhibited at:

The Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Railway Station, The Lowry Art Centre, The People’s History Museum, Imperial War Museum North, Stockport Art Gallery, Buxton Art Gallery, Haworth Art Gallery, numerous healthcare venues and, internationally, in China, Israel and Holland.